GGC strives to operate in tandem with creating shared values with the society and communities to preserve the balance in business conduct, comprehensively respond to stakeholder expectations, and improve quality of life, economy, society and environment. In doing so, we uphold the principle of social engagement and demonstrate social responsibility through CSR projects and activities in collaboration with stakeholders on a continuous basis in order to grow with stability and sustainability.


Community satisfaction score of
84 percent
No complaints
from communities regarding GGC’s operations
Conduct CSR projects in
25 communities

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Strategy

GGC has formulated strategies to manage social responsibility. It considers compliance with internationally recognized sustainability guidelines, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), as well as GGC’s business direction and growth.

There are three main components under the “3 Big Moves Strategy”, as seen below.

Expanding recognition of the CSR operations and to broad stakeholder
Expanding the ability to operate the CSR, to solve social problems or meet the expectation through business processes
Building trust and satisfaction in CSR Operation to all stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Strategy)

GGC takes part in creating shared values to enable communities and the society to grow alongside the company. We also develop the economy, quality of life and environment of surrounding communities through collaborative projects and activities with stakeholders. In 2021, GGC engaged in solving problems and responded to the needs of the society through business processes in line with the company’s CSR and sustainable development strategies. Outstanding projects include:/p>

Green Health Project

The Green Health Project is a prototype project that reflects the implementation of GGC’s innovations or products to develop communities and solve problems in communities and the society.

The project has engaged all groups of stakeholders to jointly develop the economy and quality of life for communities and the society while aiming towards truly achieving sustainable development. In 2021, the following were carried out under the Green Health Project:

Health & Personal Care Project – GGC is preparing to establish a Health & Personal Care model project to develop the health and sanitation of the community and environment with a pilot project in Koh Kok Community in Rayong province that encourages the development of saleable products from local raw materials. The project is due for implementation in 2022.

Building a partnership network to expand cooperation for CSR projects – GGC builds partnership for CSR projects through collaborations with communities, suppliers, government agencies and the private sector, such as community enterprises by promoting Luffala Community Enterprise, creating bodies of knowledge, generating income and supporting “CHOB” liquid hand soap products; trade partners by creating alliance with suppliers, developing formulas for alcohol sanitizer gel and spray products containing glycerin which is a product of GGC; and public and private sector by expanding the ability to carry out social assistance projects in collaboration with, for example, the Thai Red Cross Society to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Krob Krua Kao 3 Foundation and the Thai Marine Police to help flood victims.

Business Value Social and Environmental Value
  • PR Value of 4,074,381.50 THB in 2021
  • Built a business network to develop products with two external agencies
  • Gained the trust of communities and the society
  • More than 200,000 beneficiaries from project implementation
  • Delivered more than 200,000 liquid soap, alcohol sanitizer gel and spray products under the Green Health Project
  • Generated an income of over 400,000 THB per year for communities and community enterprises in Rayong province

ThinkCycle Bank Project

GGC and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited have collaborated on the ThinkCycle Bank: Recycling to Change the World Project for the second consecutive year under the concept of circular economy.

In 2021, GGC implemented the project to reinforce knowledge on waste separation for teachers and students of Ban Phayun School in Rayong province and Ban Khao Sok School in Chonburi province. GGC also established a Recycling Waste Bank to generate additional income for students participating in the project. Furthermore, GGC also supported income distribution to communities by encouraging waste buyers in the community and community enterprises to collect waste from the project and sell them to generate income.

Business Value Social and Environmental Value
  • PR Value of 380,000 THB
  • Gained the trust of communities and the society
  • Two schools participated in the project
  • Generated an income of 36,186.33 THB per year for students
  • 3,662.33 kg of waste was purchased under the project
  • Generated an income of 6,804.97 THB per year for waste buyers in the community and community enterprises

Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement in Thailand (SCPOPP)

GGC has carried out Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement in Thailand (SCPOPP) in collaboration with German international cooperation organization, or Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), to promote and develop the capacity of 500 small palm oil farmers to obtain the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification by 2024. This produces sustainable market opportunities for Thai palm oil to enter the global market as well as create sustainable shared values.

Investments and Donating for Society in 2021

Support for Social Responsibility Projects in 2021

Community Satisfaction Survey

As a result of our continuous CSR efforts, there were no complaints regarding company operations from communities in 2021. Moreover, community satisfaction score was higher than the established target and in line with GGC’s CSR strategy.